What is Entrepreneurial Strategy?

The same startup idea can grow up to be many different companies. The route to taking a given idea to a sustainable and profitable company involves crafting a clear strategy — something you will learn in this class.

In this class, we provides an integrated strategy framework for innovation-based entrepreneurs by:

  • outlining four core strategic choices (customer, technology, identity and competition) that form the pillars of strategic decision-making

  • a framework that delivers four distinct strategic playbooks (IP, Disruption, Value Chain and platform) of how the core strategic choices are combined to form a successful strategy around a given entrepreneurial idea

The highlights of the course include:

  • Case discussions based on custom, short and highly relevant cases from multiple industries (food, technology, fashion, healthcare etc) written for Entrepreneurial Strategy combined with short theoretical lectures and group exercises with clear, concise takeaways

  • An entrepreneurial strategy team consulting assignment with real startups where you will apply ideas from the class in practice

  • A final exam where you will solve a custom case and engage in a live debrief with the case protagonist

The course draws on rigorous research in entrepreneurial strategy that moves beyond the “one size fits all” approach to start-ups and instead focuses on the key choices that founders face as they start and scale their business.

Who is this class for? 

The class is designed to be particularly appropriate for those seeking to: 

  • Become a growth entrepreneur

  • Work in a start-up company with influence on strategy development or implementation

  • Have a career as an VC or other investment professional who has to evaluate start-up innovators

  • Practice as a management consultant or whose practice focuses on innovation–driven firms or industry segments