What is Entrepreneurial Strategy?

This class provides an integrated strategy framework for innovation-based entrepreneurs. The course is structured to provide: 

  • a deep understanding of the core strategic choices facing start-up innovators
  • a synthetic framework for the development and implementation of entrepreneurial strategy in dynamic environments and the ability to scale those ventures over time.  

A central theme of the course is that, to achieve competitive advantage, technology entrepreneurs must balance the process of experimentation and learning inherent to entrepreneurship with the selection and implementation of a strategy that establishes competitive advantage. The course identifies the key choices entrepreneurs make to take advantage of a novel opportunity and the logic of particular strategic commitments and positions that allow entrepreneurs to establish competitive advantage. 

The course draws on rigorous research in entrepreneurial strategy that moves beyond the “one size fits all” approach to start-ups and instead focuses on the key choices that founders face as they start and scale their business.  The cases and assignments offer an opportunity to integrate and apply the entrepreneurial strategy framework in a practical way, and draws from a diverse range of industries and settings.

Who is this class for? 

The class is designed to be particularly appropriate for those seeking to: 

  • Become a growth entrepreneur 
  • Work in a start-up company with influence on strategy development or implementation  
  • Have a career as an VC or other investment professional who has to evaluate start-up innovators
  • Practice as a management consultant whose practice focuses on innovation–driven firms or industry segments